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Jorymet Singh 
Certified holistic health coach

A certified holistic coach specializing in nutrition, conscious eating and mindfulness. My journey towards personal transformation and integral growth has been a path full of challenges, but also significant learnings and achievements. From facing my own internal struggles to discovering my passion for helping others improve their well-being, each step in my journey has been an opportunity to evolve and share my experience with those seeking positive change in their lives.For a long time, I found myself lost and disoriented in my search for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. I was trying to move forward on my own, trying different methods and approaches without achieving the desired results. It was then that I understood the importance of seeking professional and specialized guidance to guide my path towards transformation. I made the determination to change my reality and immersed myself in a process of self-knowledge and training that completely changed my perspective and my actions.Throughout my own journey of self-discovery, I delved into the study of nutrition, conscious eating, mindfulness, among others, and obtaining my certification as a holistic health coach, among other certifications. Each knowledge acquired was like a piece of the puzzle that helped me understand the importance of taking care of my body, my mind and my spirit in a comprehensive way. As I applied these principles in my daily life, I experienced profound, positive changes that motivated me to share this wisdom with others in search of well-being.Today, I am passionately dedicated to guiding individuals on their own journey towards a healthier and more conscious life. Through personalized coaching sessions, I share not only my theoretical knowledge, but also my practical experience and empathetic understanding of the internal struggles and challenges that can arise on the path of personal transformation.Today, I am passionately dedicated to guiding individuals on their own transformation journey through holistic coaching in nutrition, mindful eating and mindfulness. My holistic approach not only focuses on changing eating habits, but also on cultivating a healthy relationship with food, encouraging moment-to-moment mindfulness, and promoting balance between body and mind.One of the fundamental pillars of my practice is to inspire my clients to connect with their inner being, to listen to their emotional and physical needs, and to make conscious decisions that bring them closer to their comprehensive well-being. Through personalized sessions, support programs and educational resources, I provide them with the tools and support necessary to begin a process of deep and sustainable change in their lives.The combination of nutrition, mindfulness, mindful eating and holistic coaching has proven to be a powerful strategy to transform lives in a significant and lasting way. My clients have experienced notable improvements in their physical, mental and emotional health, as well as an increase in their self-esteem, confidence and vitality. Seeing the positive transformation they experience is my greatest motivation and source of satisfaction in my work as a holistic coach.​In conclusion, my journey in the world of holistic nutrition and mindfulness coaching has been a journey of self-discovery, growth, and service to others. Every experience lived, every lesson learned and every achievement achieved has contributed to forging my path and strengthening my commitment to inspiring and guiding others towards a full and healthy life. If you are looking for a significant change in your holistic well-being, I am here to accompany you on your own transformation journey. Together, we can open the door to a brighter, more balanced future. I invite you to take the first step towards a better version of yourself!

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