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These Classic tunic tops are the perfect balance between American apparel, and Indian apparel; as they carry the style of American apparel, but the design of classic Indian apparel. These Tunic tops come in a range of colors, and sizes, so you can easily pick the one that fits you best. We are a clothing boutique that offers a range of fashion apparel, that includes tunics. These tunics are designed keeping in mind the latest fashion and color trends. You can easily wear these tunics to both casual and semi formal events, which makes them the perfect buy. These stylish tunics can be pulled off all year long, as they can be worn under a jacket or coat. You can easily pair any one of them with leggings, or pants; and they will make for an easy yet stylish outfit.

  • Product Type: Tunic Top
  • Size: Vary
  • Material: Polyester
  • Design Type: Semi Formal
  • Base Color: Vary

Ladies Tunics to Wear Over Jeans

SKU: 795c8441
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