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Nutrition coaching

Nutrition coaching program

  • 45 min
  • 60 US dollars
  • online

Descripción del servicio

Our nutrition coaching program is designed to provide a holistic approach to nutritional wellness, helping our clients achieve their health goals in a sustainable and mindful way. Key Program Components: 1. Personalized Weekly Food Plan: -Each client will receive a personalized weekly meal plan, tailored to her individual needs and goals. 2. Individualized Monthly Monitoring: -We conduct personalized monthly follow-up with each client to evaluate her progress, adjust the plan as necessary and provide ongoing support. 3.Mobile Application for Mindful Eating Guidance: - Our exclusive mobile app offers mindful eating guidance, tracking to help customers make informed decisions about their overall diet. 4. Educational Manuals and Portion Kit: - We provide detailed educational manuals on nutrition, healthy habits and practical tips, along with a portion kit to make it easy to measure and control food quantities. Additional benefits: - Continuous support and motivation throughout the process. - Nutrition education to promote a healthy relationship with food. - Practical tools to maintain nutritional balance in daily life. - Empowerment to make informed and sustainable decisions regarding food. Ideal for those who: want to lose fat They want to improve their relationship with food they want to eat better want to gain muscle mass want to improve their hormonal health those who have insulin resistance.

Política de cancelación

Para cancelar o reprogramar la cita, por favor contáctenos con 24 horas de anticipación. De no cancelar a tiempo se le facturara en su Proxima sección $25 dólares.

Detalles del contacto

  • Mindfully Nutrition, washington, District of Columbia, EE. UU.

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